FC/AFC Tally-O On The Go
(June 9, 1993 - January 3, 2006)

Tally was a consistent field trialer, having placed in all but 4 field trials that she has been entered in since her career began in 1994.

Story written about Tally: (from Rescue to FC/AFC)

Comment: "If ESPN was filming a pheasant hunt in SD and they wanted a great video, they should have been filming Tally on Saturday. That was as fine a day of dog work as I have ever seen. You should be very proud of her. She's one fine bird dog, and she has a great personality also. In my opinion, she's what a good Brittany is all about. Unfortunately they don't come arround that often. Enjoy her while you can."

42 Field Trial Wins
1998 Minnesota Brittany Club Field Dog of the Year
1999 Minnesota Brittany Club Field Dog of the Year

Owner: Steve Ralph * 25256 Kettle River Blvd. * Forest Lake, MN 55025 * 651-303-0129 *
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